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Looking for a project to complete at home delivered right to your door? Use this art box to create your own hand-painted wooden Easter eggs!


Just the Art Box includes:

(2) Wooden Eggs, 2.25" (height) x 1.5" (diameter)

(2) Paintbrushes

Multi-surface acrylic paint (4 colors) - choose from pastels (blue sky, lilac, tangerine, yellow), primary colors (red, yellow, blue, white) or metallic (gold, silver, rose gold, copper)



Optional add-ons:

Two extra eggs


Materials you'll need to provide:

Water cup

Paper Towel

Hair dryer (optional)


Ages: All ages

Please note younger children may require adult assistance.


Time to complete project: Approx. 30-60 minutes

Time to complete project depends on how intricate of a design is painted on each egg.


Member discount: Members of The Place receive a 20% discount! Message us if you don't have your member discount code.

Art Box: Hand-Painted Wooden Easter Eggs

PriceFrom $15.00
  • Returns are not accepted at this time. However, please let us know if there's a problem and we'll try to fix it!

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