Art in the heart of downtown Concord, NH

When you go to a community with layers of history,

with charm and character, where many people gather,

you react emotionally and psychologically.

That feeling, which everybody has experienced, is known as ‘sense of place’.

Robert Steuteville, “Why 'place' is the new American dream.”

Better Cities & Towns. New Urban News Publications, 01 Aug. 2014. Web. 03 Aug. 2014.



The Place Studio & Gallery provides a sense of place for the community of Concord, NH and surrounding area – the place to gather to be inspired by other artists, and the place to slow down and tap into your own creativity. 


The Place Studio & Gallery is an independent, hands-on art studio offering a variety of art activities and instruction for all levels and abilities including canvas, glass and ceramic painting, decoupage and alcohol inks. We also offer classes in drawing and Zentangle, watercolor painting, needle-felting, holiday crafts and more!


The Place is a relaxing spot to drop in for open studio practice, as well as an exciting place to attend workshops and classes, and hold unique parties and gatherings.


Additionally, The Place sells artists’ works on consignment, providing not only further inspiration and unique gifts for customers, but also providing support for practicing artists.


The Place Studio & Gallery is the place…to be inspired…to be creative…to celebrate…to have fun…to relax and unwind. 



Christa Zuber earned her Master of Teaching Secondary Visual Art and Drama from the University of Sydney in Sydney, Australia. Originally from a small-town in Pennsylvania, Christa has lived in downtown Concord for over ten years, and is deeply interested in the local community.


With over 15 years of experience, Christa has worked in a number of well known museums developing engaging learning experiences, including the Currier Museum of Art, the Boston Museum of Science and The Children’s Museum in Boston. In addition, she has also taught elementary and secondary education in schools in the US and abroad, and worked as a corporate trainer and nonprofit coordinator.


As a young professional and Concord local, Christa is focused on building community in Concord by offering the place to be downtown.  



The Place Studio & Gallery opened in October 2014 with the idea of providing a sense of place for the community of Concord, NH and surrounding area by offering the place to be downtown – a place to slow down and tap into your own creativity, to gather to be inspired by other artists. 


Located in downtown Concord, The Place Studio & Gallery is a relaxed, eclectic drop-in do-it-yourself art and craft business offering a variety of activities, as well as an educational place for people to learn about making and appreciating art, while providing the opportunity to buy art at reasonable prices. The Place Studio & Gallery is independently run by a trained art educator with over a decade of experience coordinating, developing and implementing engaging learning experiences in museums and schools.



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